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CAR Shelter
CAR Covers
Car Shelters are very important these days to protect your car from the environment. A car shelter is much needed as most car garages are now used as stroage for large bulky items to big for the home and the car ca not be parked in the garage. An economical solution is to buy a car shelter which can be a temporary fixture or permanent car shelter to protect your car or vehicle.
Car shelters or carports can be made from various materials depending on the type of car cover and protection that is required. A car shelter can be made from material or plastic, when used in such an item as a tent or marquee car shelter. These type of car shelters are generally a temporary structure to protect your car, and some of these sheltered car marquee tents can be used for car rallys, or similar where a temporary car cover is required.
CAR Shelters
Types of Car Shelter
Car Tent Shelter - these temporary tent type car shelters are very common, and provide an economical solution to covering and sheltering your car. These car shelters generally come with an easy to assemble framework and a heavy duty
waterproof covering to provide the shelter required from the elements for your vehicle.
Car Shelter - a more permanent car shelter would be a metal type, made with a steel or aluminium frame and then sheltering your car with profiled metal roof sheets.
Timber Car Shelter - timber car shelters provide a very economical and long lasting way of providing effective protection of your car from the elements. These shelters can be made to suit one or multiple cars to shelter.